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Belgian Anti Phishing Shield

The Belgian Anti-Phishing Shield (BAPS) is a Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) initiative to warn internet users about dangerous websites.

BAPS protection means that warnings about malicious websites can be issued at Belgian DNS level.

Whenever a user clicks on a link, a DNS request is sent to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). As a result of BAPS protection, the ISP's DNS server compares the website the user is trying to access with a list of malicious websites. If the website is on that list, the ISP's DNS server will redirect the user to a warning page.

  1. The CCB receives information about potentially malicious websites.
  2. It analyses these sites.
  3. It sends a list of malicious sites to ISPs.
  4. An internet user clicks on a link to a malicious site.
  5. The relevant ISP compares the DNS request with the list of malicious sites.
  6. The user is redirected to a warning page.
  7. The user doesn't visit the malicious site.


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